Times They Are A Changin

IMG_4774Welcome to the new blog/shop/everything bunny dee! Its a bit of a work in progress at the moment but that doesn’t take away from the excitement of something new and different.  I thought my first post for this blog would be my excitement about something I never thought would be possible…tee shirts with my art on them.  With the cost of printing shirts It seemed like the most lofty of dreams.  Its coming true finally though now..and I honestly didn’t think it ever would.

IMG_4773If you know me, my first question once I get to know you is almost always “If you were an animal what animal would you be?” A little explanation might be due for this to explain my desire for this to be my first shirt I try to sell..When I was born the first stuffed animal I was given was a rabbit.  Hence the bunny dee name which was my parents nick name for me and still is.  My parents don’t call me Danielle, they call me bunny dee, and with the incredibly hard last name that I have I figured this would be easier for people to remember when looking for me online.  To me the rabbit is close to me.  Spirit animals are important to me.  I think everyone is probably deep down some sort of creature waiting to burst forth.  So there you go.  SPIRIT ANIMAL CLUB EST. 1982(the year of my birth).  The Bison has always been an animal I’ve loved and its home is the americas.  I have to say too that my trip to the great pacific northwest really inspired me and put me back in touch with nature/animals and the feminine.  I feel like I could cry with the amount of art I want to draw right now and can’t get out.  Its so constant its almost frustrating!  I missed drawing on the regular like anyone who has a funk..its hard to get out of but when you do it feels like life is so brilliant and passionate.

IMG_4780I don’t want to stop this art train for nothing..well I might stop it for a moment for amazing coffee.  Or chocolate..but then back to running with the imagination, like bison on the plains.  I’m trying to figure out the direction of this blog as well.  I love fashion.  I love dressing to my mood so some of this stuff might be outfit of the day, if I can figure out how to use my SLR again.  I leave you with patterns.  I hope you will come on this journey with me because I need some brilliant lovely weirdos along for the ride.  xoxo